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Long Time

I have not written anything in months so I feel I have to start again now. But whenever when I think about what to post I feel my life is soooo unspectacular *lol*

However - here are a few up to date pictures from my dogs…


Mozart 01 Mozart 02 Mozart 03

Asco & Lena

Asco 01 Lena 01

It’s from Friday evening :) so pretty new - have a closer look at Mozart’s very very long legs :D he’s amazing *lol*

I’m improving

I’m playing around with a couple of more or less useful plugins. I have added a linksite “Fav Links” as you can see in the navigation right - yet there are not so many links but I have plans to change this.

And now I’m trying a as it seems simple little Gallery script. As guinea pig I chose my beloved little dog Lena…


Isn’t she cute?